Goan Prawns Chow-Chow

This is one of the classic dish we get to relish during weddings and special occasion celebrations in Goa. So here’s sharing with you, my mother’s traditional NO SAUCE Goan Prawns Chow-Chow recipe. It’s the most easiest recipe to make and it’s kids friendly too . Do give this recipe a try.

Method – 1:

👉🏻 360 gms – Egg Noodles (uncooked)
👉🏻 1 tbsp – Salt
👉🏻 1 tsp – Sodium Bicarbonate
👉🏻 1500 ml – Water
👉🏻 2 tbsps – Cooking oil

Getting the noodles ready:
👉🏻 On a high flame, take a deep bottom pot and pour in the water.
👉🏻 Once the water starts boiling, add the uncooked noodles.
👉🏻 As the noodles to separate, add sodium bicarbonate and salt to taste.
👉🏻 Stir and cook the noodles until they are al- dente or just slightly undercooked.
👉🏻 Drain and rinse them with cold water to stop the cooking process.
👉🏻 Swirl some cooking oil over the cooked noodles, toss well, and set aside.


👉🏻 1 – ½ cup – Carrots, peeled and cut into thick juliennes
👉🏻 1 – ½ cup – Capsicums, deseeded and cut into thick juliennes
👉🏻 1 – ½ cup – French beans, stringed and cut disgonally
👉🏻 6 nos – Eggs
👉🏻 2 nos – Knorr chicken bouillons
👉🏻 6 tbsps – Hot Water
👉🏻 Vegetable oil as needed.
👉🏻 Salt to taste

Let us stir – fry:
👉🏻 On a high flame, take a non-stick frying pan and pour some oil.
👉🏻 Once hot, add the carrots, season with salt, and stir – fry for about 2 minutes or so until nearly cooked.
👉🏻 Remove in a bowl and use the same pan to repeat the process to stir – fry the other veggies. Keep aside.
👉🏻 In a bowl, break 6 eggs into it, add a pinch of salt and whisk until fluffy.
👉🏻 Pour in the whisked eggs in the same frying pan and scramble until done. Keep aside.
👉🏻 In a bowl, drop 2 Knorr chicken bouillons, add hot water. Stir until completely dissolved. Set aside.


👉🏻 500 gms – Prawns, cleaned and deveined.
👉🏻 1 tbsp – Black Pepper powder
👉🏻 50 gms – Butter
👉🏻 Salt to taste

The final process:
👉🏻 On a high flame, place a wok and once hot add the butter.
👉🏻 As the butter starts to melt, add the prawns and salt to taste. Stir and fry these prawns for about 5 minutes.
👉🏻 Add the noodles, stir and toss gently using two spatulas ensuring the cooked noodles are coated evenly.
👉🏻 Add the cooked veggies, scrambled eggs, melted Knorr chicken bouillon, pepper powder and season with taste. Stir and toss the stir – fry for another minute or so, until the noodles are warmed.
👉🏻 Serve immediately while still hot with extra seasoning ingredients on the side.